Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tim Horton New Breakfast Menu

This time of year it's getting really cold out, especially in the mornings. Since life is so hectic that often you don't have time to eat breakfast at home and have to grab something on the run. Tim Hortons has recently released two new breakfast items that not only nutritious, but also delicious, to go along with their breakfast menu.

Homestyle Oatmeal -
Homestyle Oatmeal is available in Maple or Mixed Berries. It's slow cooked, the way you would make it at home and it's whole grain, low in fat, and high in fibre. I remember as a child in the Winter on school mornings my father would always make us oatmeal, not the instant kind, but the kind you have to stand in front of the stove cooking for 10 or 20 minutes. Tim Hortons Homestyle Oatmeal reminds me of that. Not only is it delicious, nutritious, and very fulling, it warms you up. It's at a great price too for only $1.99. There is no better way to warm up on a cold winter morning than a delicious steaming bowl of oatmeal and Tim Hortons Homestyle Oatmeal does just that. It's available for both eat-in and take-out and you can get the milk on the side so you can add just the right amount of milk you like.

Breakfast Wraps -
Full of all your breakfast favourites like scrambled eggs, lightly seasoned sausage or crisp bacon, and real cheddar cheese wrapped up on a whole wheat tortilla with a savoury sauce. I have had breakfast wraps before at fast food restaurants and I have to tell you that the ones at fast food restaurants taste like they are from fast food restaurants, but not the ones from Tim Hortons. They taste like they came out of your own kitchen, but better. They are not greasy or sloppy like fast food restaurants. They taste great and they are very fulling. I ate one and was full and for the price of $1.99 it's hard to find someplace else where you can get breakfast for that price. I prefer mine with the savory sauce, but you can also get it without.

We all know Tim Hortons has the best coffee, but their breakfast is also amazing. On a recent outing we stopped and had breakfast there.

My daughter loves the Hot Breakfast Sandwich on a biscuit and because of this it's her new favorite place to eat breakfast at. The Homestyle Oatmeal is my favorite, and of course it's the Breakfast wraps for my husband. My son loves the Homestyle Hash Browns and when he tried the oatmeal he really liked it and ate most of it on me. Good thing I bought an extra Hot Breakfast Sandwich. I think it's great that there is a place where you can go to get a healthy and nutritious breakfast for the family or simply something quick healthy for yourself on the run at such an amazing price.

Of course Tim Hortons has other quick breakfast items such as bagels, muffins, Hot Breakfast Sandwiches, and Homestyle Hash Browns that you can have for breakfast, but you have to try their new Homestyle Oatmeal and Breakfast Wraps. You won't be disappointed! Also if you looking for a Christmas gift for your child's teacher, a friend, or a relative a Tim Hortons gift card is always a hit.

I was compensated for this post with a Tim Hortons gift card to purchase and review these items. My review and opinions are not influenced by this or any source, they are my honest opinion of the product. No other form of compensation has been given. I am not responsible for the statements made by the sponsoring companies or it's affiliates. Click here for my disclosure policy.



Tina said...

Uw I love the breakfast wraps. You can come round mine for an English breakfast one time ;)