Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How To Make A Mad Hatter Hat

With Halloween only less than two weeks away if you haven't found or started making your children's costume yet time is quickly running out. The movie Alice In Wonderland was a huge hit this past year and expect to see some characters from the movie out and about trick or treating this year. One character that is very popular is The Mad Hatter. Making a Mad Hatter costume is very hard at all. You simply need a coat, a colorful scarf for a tie and the hat. The hat may be difficult to find, but it's easy to make.

To make The Mad Hatters hat all you need is flexible cardboard, tape, scissors, hot glue gun and sticks or material glue, black and pink material, a black marker, and some white paper.

Use the cardboard to make the tube shape of the hat and use the person who is going to be wearing it as a model for size. Simply cut the right length of cardboard to fit the head, cut a circle for the top of the hat, and a ring for the bottom of the hat. Tape all of these together to make the form of the hat. Glue black material on to the hat.Cut a long piece of pink material to make the ribbon of the hat and attach. Make a small sign that says 10/6 and stick that in the band of the hat. Viola, you have a mad hatter hat!



Tina said...

very crafty mate. i like it